Heart At Work For February


Name : Evelyn Barker

City/State : Fort Walton Beach, FL

About me: I have a strong desire to improve myself and the lives of those around me.

I am attempting to create a team in my facility because I am qualified in critical incident stress management. My goal is to assist my coworkers in reducing the moral discomfort, compassion fatigue, and burnout that are plaguing the healthcare and first responder sectors and raising worrisome suicide rates.

I work as a critical care nurse volunteer for the local county and have traveled on medical missions to Ghana, Guatemala, and Haiti.

During the worst of the Covid 19 surge in our region, I put together a little campaign to thank and honor my coworkers in critical care as well as numerous local first responder agencies.


We would like to congratulate Evelyn Barker on being named our heart of the month. Eveleyn has worked as a home health aide for ArrcOne from the beginning of our business.

Evelyn handles each client as if they were family, regardless of whether they are a long-term client or just a fill-in visitor for the day.

Over the years, there have been many changes at our organization, and Evelyn has adapted to each new project and policy modification.

We congratulate Evelyn on her devotion to our business and dedication.


“The kind of person who gives everything to what she does, Evelyn is wonderfully kind.

She was constantly thinking about how to improve her quality of life and doing so.

Working so closely and sincerely with the family.

Gives their  100% at all times. She exercised extreme caution. Although she is an excellent caregiver, we have had better ones in the past. She arrived at the perfect time, and everything fell into place since she understood our goals.

She is a unique kind of individual who is willing to carry out our instructions while facilitating our contact with Mom as she declined.

Mum has recently passed away but Evelyn made sure she was in comfort for as long as she could be.”

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