Name : Christie Hammonds, CNA !        

     IN CHRISTIE’S WORDS: I’m a mother of five beautiful girls, 5 grandchildren, and a bouncing boy on the way next month and a wonderful husband.  I have been working for ARRC One for a couple years now, I must say after working for agencies for the past 30 years, this staff is the best, working for someone that actually cares, and will have you back in many situations, someone that’s hands on with the facilities, working to get the best for us, I look forward to working for ARRC One many more years thank you!

OUR HEART OF THE MONTH - Christie Hammonds

     IN OUR WORDS: Christie has referred at least 5 staff members to our team. She is a positive influence to a team approach and has supported management efforts to curb call offs and take charge of tardies. Christie will “look out for” new team members, partner with them and mentor them. When an ARRC One staff member is on the deployment sheet but not in the house, she will call us and sometimes them, to make sure they know they are scheduled! When kitchen help is needed, she’s the first to offer help.

When GNH had a tough two weeks due to management changes, Christie supported ARRC One’s efforts when we said “TRUST US”.

Christie has helped a staff member of the Grove at NH with rides to work, and rides to medical appointments.

She stands behind caring for people who care for people!